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See what our “passion seekers” have to say about us! With our personalized approach to career consultation, each person has a uniquely exceptional experience with Ready4. 

“I’m 45, and at this stage of my life, I felt like it was too late to find a new career—even though I wasn’t happy. Ready4 helped me discover how my hobby of knitting could be a job. I’ve never been happier in the working world than I have been since working with Ready4.” 

Carrie Anne High School Crafts Teacher San Francisco, CA 

“Just out of college, I had no clue what I wanted to do after graduation. Ready4 helped me create a profile based on what I love to do, what makes money, and what I’m good at. They truly help you find your purpose in life—and then give you the tools to make money with that purpose. Thank you!” 

James Rice App Developer New York City, NY

“My coach at Ready4 taught me that I shouldn't waste my life on a 'job.' I should fill my life with a mission that both makes me money and brings me fulfillment. Now- I have both! Highly recommend a call with these experts.”

Jack Mahoney Investment Banker Denver, CO 

“I've taken a bunch of personality type tests to see what I should be doing, but nothing seemed right. Ready4 takes a new approach to discovering jobs that will make you genuinely happy and excited with life.”

Annie Belle Intern at Children's Hospital Ontario, Canada 

“I can’t stop raving about Ready4 to all my friends, coworkers, and anyone who will listen! I loved my industry but was unhappy with my job. They helped me figure out what kind of role best suited my needs while remaining in my industry!”  

Megan Zona Buyer at Fashion Boutique Boston, MA 

"Stop searching job boards and help ads to figure out what you really want to do with your life. Ready4 has you covered. It really was that simple."

Giovanni Jones Freelance Drummer San Diego

It's Your Time. 

Join our passionate clients who have discovered their dream jobs.


What We Do

Most career consultants will ask you a few questons, look at their job boards, and place you in a role that will make you some money. But Ready4 takes a different approach. We see the value and importance of work. Time and time again, our clients have proven that money follows passion. Love what you do, and everything else falls into place.  

Ready4 experts work with you to determine where you truly belong in the professional world. We offer personality and strengths tests, one-on-one interviews, and personalized career charting tools to find your purpose in the working world. We usher you through the entire process from, "What do I want to do with my life?" to "I absolutely love my current job!"

Profile Analysis

We start by building a profile of your unique personality, strengths, and opportunities. Then we'll match you with a specialized career consultant who will be your point person throughout the process.

Passion Plan

You'll work with your consultant to design a clear vision of your personal and professional passions. Together you'll brainstorm career options, available jobs, and brands with aligned values to unlock new opportunities.  

Dream Placement

Your consultant will provide resources to find jobs, develop your skillsets, target employers, and land the perfect job. This consultant remains your contact to provide ongoing support along your career journey.

Let's Get Started

"Choose a job you love and you will never work a day in your life." - Confucius

Who We Are

You spend over a third of your awake hours at work. If you aren't happy and fulfilled with your job, you end up wasting 30% of your life.  

That's where Ready4 comes in. We look at 4 work fulfillment factors: what you love, what you're good at, what the world needs, and what you can get paid for.  

Take back your work, your time, your passion, and your life with our unparalleled career design program. 

Our Job Is Your Job

Ready4 offers a team of 40 experienced career consultants. Each of our consultants has been through the Ready4 process themselves to ensure they're in the perfect spot to guide you on your professional journey. We love our jobs, and our goal is for you to love yours too. 

Your first 30 minute consultation is free.

I BELIEVE everyone is born with an INFLUENCER potential. 

For some, it can take a specific event where the scales fall off the eyes, and a person says, "I can do that!" Others have to be coaxed and taught how to get their inner-Influencer to come out and shine to the world. It is about embracing the fundamental knowledge that you are an influencer. 


Does the way you show up match with your PURPOSE? How do you see yourself? How do others perceive you? Are they the same?

We move from being an EXPERT or AUTHORITY to becoming an INFLUENCER. It's no longer enough for us to have this knowledge; it is paramount that we share it with those that genuinely need it.

Make no mistake; becoming an Influencer is a journey.

We are in this together.

Together we are going to elevate and hasten your path to becoming an Influencer. That's why you are reading the book, and it's why I wrote it.  


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We'd love to hear from you with questions, comments, and inquiries! Whether you're looking for a new career path or want to discover how your job fits into your dream lifestyle, our experts are excited to hear from you. It's never too early or late to figure out what you want to be when you grow up.

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