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Let’s start your book off right by tackling the number one issue new authors face: what to write about.

Even if you’ve been coaching for years, it can be hard to know what makes a great book. So we’ve created this module with these questions in mind and included…

7 types of books that sell—Chances are you’ve read many of these styles from your favorite authors, and with good reason: They’re the easiest to write, AND they have market appeal.

How to choose the right book type for you and your business—with real-life examples to help you know what style will resonate with your audience.

Why more is not always better—and how a “light” read can perform better with your market.

How to get over the drudgery of writing—get this right, and your excitement for your topic will shine through.

Two types of research you must do—and how to do it.

How to add credibility through research—do this one thing, and you’ll instantly achieve expert status, no matter what your subject matter.

Where to learn more—don’t stop with this guide! Head to your local bookseller and learn from the best.



Having a strategic outline for your book is the perfect accompaniment. Even better, having an outline will be SUPER easy for you to write. 

 In module two, we’ll walk through all of the steps, including…

Identifying your topic—and why it doesn’t have to match your signature product at all.

How to know you’ve refined and defined your topic well enough—and it might take more work than you think.

The special circumstance that makes a DIY book your very best option—but ONLY if you meet these criteria.

The two-step research process that will guarantee your book reaches the right audience—don’t skip this step, or you’ll wind up on the “remainders” table.

Six critical questions to ask during the outlining process—get this right, and your book will be spot on with your unique market

Must have components for every book—without these, your book will not help you.

How to find your voice—this is your unique style and sound, and it’s critical for branding.

The number one tip for writing well— to get far ahead of most other authors.



This is where truly spectacular books are differentiated from the so-so kind. If all you do is write without a plan or a structure, you’ll probably sell a few copies. But when you create a book that flows naturally from one section to the next, you’ll pull your readers along and leave them singing your praises.

In week three, we’ll cover your book’s structure, including…  

The basic purpose and structure of a chapter—get this right, and you’ll instantly make your book more enjoyable to read.  

How to use a popular fiction-writing technique to keep your reader engaged.

The secret of impulsion—and how it can drive your book from beginning to end.

Easy-to-follow examples of a book in progress—no more wondering if you’re missing something important. It’s all right here for you to see in action.

Three types of narratives your book must include—a proper mix of all three makes your book infinitely more enjoyable—and effective.

Other elements to liberally sprinkle throughout your book—these help readers better understand your most important points.

How to nail the most important section of your book—get this right, and you will hook your reader!

The proper use and placement of calls to action—yes, even your book must have them, but they’re not the same as you’re used to.



With the research done, your message clarified, and the structure planned, it’s time to get down to business. Week four is all about getting the work done, so let’s dive in!

How to create your perfect writing schedule—because if you leave it until you feel inspired, you’ll never get that book finished!

The simple math every author needs to know—this alone will set you up for massive success in less time than you imagined.

Why the length isn’t critical for your success—and why shorter might even be better.

5 ways to keep organized and on task—there’s more to finishing a book than just endless typing.

The one thing that will derail your book-writing indefinitely—avoid doing this at all costs!

How to properly edit your book—including four often-seen mistakes that can only be caught on a careful read-through.

Proper formatting techniques—and why hiring a pro is almost always your best bet.

When to schedule your launch—a book launch is a great way to get noticed, but get the scheduling right, or your launch will fall flat.