The Nine Essential Relationships To Cultivate Your Wildly Successful Business 

"This is a practical, helpful and inspiring book for anyone who dreams of being successful in their own business.” 

~Brian Tracy

Author of Million Dollar Habits 

"This is a very special book! Divya Parekh's exploration into relationships that every entrepreneur should know about if they want to achieve success is exceptional! I hope you enjoy this book as much as I did! .” 

~Dr. Marshall Goldsmith

#1 Leadership Thinker, Executive Coach 


The Entrepreneur’s Garden is an insightful and compelling book exploring the nine essential relationships that business owners need to master to be successful while keeping and growing their passion for what they do. The story follows an entrepreneur named Sally who started her own business. While things begin well, she soon finds herself grappling with growing her company. Realizing that she needs to change her approach or give up on her business reaching the next level, she sets her intentions on finding a mentor. Sally meets Dee, who enters her life as a mentor just when Sally needs it the most. Dee is a successful entrepreneur and believes in sharing how she learned to keep her businesses running smoothly while pursuing other things that were important to her. She points out to Sally that by concentrating on nine key relationships, she can surpass her dreams…and have fun doing it.

Sally learns how a relationship with self, time, money, market, team, partners, legacy, death, and results will help her realize everything she wants to do in life. Throughout the course of the book, Dee not only gives Sally the philosophy behind each relationship but also teaches the practical applications. Sally, in turn, applies the lessons in her business and shares them with others.

The book is a story that both new and experienced entrepreneurs can relate to: How to plant the seeds of successful business operations and reap a bountiful harvest at the end. The Entrepreneur’s Garden helps the reader understand the organic way to accomplish this so that both your personal and professional life thrives and soars towards your goals.

What Industry Leaders Are Saying...

"If you want to experience more success in personal life and business, then follow and use the strategies by my friend Divya! They will help you to achieve greater success and live a more abundant life!”

James Malinchak, 

The World’s #1 Big Money Speaker® Trainer & Coach!” Founder,

"When you read Divya's book, you will discover new methods for building your business while re-remembering potent wisdom tips you once knew and forgot. Divya combines storytelling with facts in such a manner that you quickly turn pages to find the next tool which will take your business over the top.”

Coach Winn, 

Two-time Olympian, Originator of the WIN Philosophy, Founder of

"There is NOTHING more critical to the success of your business than RELATIONSHIPS. Cultivating long-term strategic relationships is arguably the most important marketing activity you can invest your time in. Divya's book will give you a complete strategy to implement, and the firepower you need to build lasting relationships with the kind of people that can change your business and life forever.”

Josh Turner, 

Founder - LinkedSelling

"Imagine Patrick Lencioni, Steven Covey and Thich Nhat Hanh co-wrote a book on being an entrepreneur – now you have some idea of how this unique book reads. Following Sally on her journey through developing the nine vital relationships for the success of her business, you learn all she learns from her mentor Dee, and get to apply all the tools to your own entrepreneurial journey. Divya Parekh has written a success manual like none I have ever read – I wish I could write like this.”

Deiric McCann, 

Executive Vice President - International Profiles International Inc (Division of Wiley & Sons)

"Divya does a wonderful job easing the stress of being an entrepreneur. Her spot-on, simple steps makes it easy to follow and apply. The book is written in a narrative form, so the reader becomes engaged in the characters, while learning important guidance at the same time. If one applies Dee’s wisdom and suggestions as Sally does, they will be able to move their business forward. Entrepreneurship is not for the weak at heart, but Divya’s book can provide the necessary roadmap for a successful business.”

Rhonda York, 

MS-Executive Coaching, PCC, BCC President/Chief Executive Coach, TeamWide Solutions, LLC; Coversational Intelligence Certified Coach

"This book has such a wow factor on so many levels: the story between Sally and Dee is masterful, the clarity of the message for each relationship level, and the action items suggested are spot-on. Whether you are a new entrepreneur or a seasoned one, I guarantee you will value Divya Parekh’s perspective on mastering the art of the nine key relationship to apply to your business. Take time to read and absorb this book.”

Lauren Midgley, 

Time Behaviorist, Author and Business Strategist

Divya Parekh

About the Author

Divya Parekh is a global business relationship and leadership coach and speaker. Divya heads The DP Coaching Group, which helps entrepreneurs, leaders, and achievers, coaching them to achieve their personal and professional goals with laser focus, unstoppable confidence, and resonant relationships. She is also co-author of an international Amazon best-selling book The Voyage to Your Vision and has authored books on Emotional Intelligence, Critical-Thinking, Leadership, and Influence. During her rich and varied experience in diverse roles, Divya developed the nine essential relationships for success in business. 

The DP Coaching Group works with the Youth Community Foundation that teaches young adults leadership and entrepreneurship skills to create goods and services that contribute positively to a healthy sustainable high quality of life.