The Marketer's Toolkit

The Marketer’s Toolkit is designed for the sale and promotion of products and services. This includes:

Sales Writing

How To Write A Sales Letter Checklist 

Need a winning sales letter that produces real results? 

We have a guide for that! 

This detailed and well-crafted guide will help ensure your letter hits all of the right points, and do so like an expert. 

  • A comprehensive checklist to ensure important details are covered in your letter
  • Organized to flow through the content with ease
  • Easy for every skill level
  • Proven to attract new clients  

27 Hot Buttons For Sales Writing

Are you wanting to effectively persuade your prospect to a 'Call-To-Action'?  You have to strike at the heart of their emotions! 

Psychologically, people respond more often with their feelings than with their minds. So you need to highlight your potential client’s needs and present to them how your product or service will benefit them. 

And I can vouch, this will surely outweigh the effects of a boring list of features! This guide will help you appeal to the soul of your prospects.

  • A guide to creative ideas for prompting customers to take action
  • A wide variety of proven approaches
  • Uses proven psychological methods to get results
  • Taps into your prospect's needs

Sales Letter Templates

3 Sales Letters

Picture this...

You are finally ready to start promoting your product or service - but now you have to write that sales letter.

And you can't just throw something together - it has to be good!

But what if you just don’t have the energy or time? 

Even worse - what if writing is not your strong suit? 

Well, we have a solution! 

Our templates will help you write a sales letter that is sure to get lasting results, all done over a cup of morning coffee.

  • Sales letter templates for multiple scenarios
  • Designed to promote a product or service effectively
  • Saves time and energy
  • Customizable for your needs 

20 Ways To Open Your Sales Letter

A sales letter without an attention-grabbing introduction doesn’t make any sense!

You want your readers to connect with your writing and feel the need to continue reading. Your opening needs to have flair and should spark an interest that keeps your audience engaged to the very end.

Using one of these 20 openers for your letter will get you the results that you so desire!.

  • A guide to proven approaches to opening a letter
  • Helps grab your reader's immediate attention from the opening of the letter
  • Aids in presenting engaging questions, facts, and statistics
  • Helps in empathizing with your audience

Offer Promotions

15 Ways To Introduce An Offer 

Advertising and promoting an offer the right way is important for attracting new clients - but how do you start?

As with meeting new people, first impressions are crucial when introducing a product or service!

You need that perfect touch to hit all the right spots if you want to win clients that keep coming back for more.

This guide will get you there with ease!

  • A comprehensive guide to introducing offers
  • Proven techniques that will provoke clients to action
  • A wide variety of tactics
  • Creative and catchy  

15 Ways To Promote Offers In Content

With your business, in order to be successful, you need strong marketing tactics.

And in every level of marketing, you will always be promoting some sort of offer.

Our offer promotion guide is designed to help you advertise your product or service offer, and do it like a pro!

  • Helpful ways to promote an offer
  • Proven tactics that will yield positive results
  • A wide variety of options
  • Easy to use

Product Outline Templates

3 Product Outline Templates

Creating a quality product takes focus and great attention to detail.

But if you have nothing to keep you on track, it's easy to veer off and cause your product to crash and burn - figuratively speaking.

You want to craft something engaging and creative. You want your product to check all of the right boxes.

These 3 product outline templates will help you cruise on through your creation process all the way to the finish line.

  • Templates for general purpose, informative and step-by-step outlines
  • Will guide you through the entire creative process of your product
  • Simple and comprehensive
  • Versatile for any product type  

25 Product Title Templates

Your title is the ticket of admission to the attention of any potential lead!

Your content could check all of the boxes for a perfect piece of content - but with a bland and underwhelming title, you can expect your piece to be overlooked.

You have just a couple of precious seconds to snag a potential reader.
With these proven 25 product title templates, you'll be on your way to winning new clients fast!

  • A variety of unique title choices
  • Easy to use
  • Attention-grabbing
  • Fill-in-the-blank style

15 P.S. Templates

"P.S. I love you…." I know, it's sappy - but loved ones enjoy that extra touch in a letter!

That little "p.s." is meant to reiterate a gesture and bring the desired sentiment back to the mind.

But what if you did the same in your content marketing?

What if you added that "extra touch" at the end of your content to do the same for your prospects?

You'd get results!

With our 15 P.S. Templates, you can expect to stay on the minds of your potential clients long after they've read your content.

  • P.S. templates that help conclude your content with something extra
  • Designed to appeal to prospect's emotions
  • Fill-in-the-blank style
  • Fully customizable for your specific needs

27 Ideas For Membership Sites

People have an innate desire to belong, especially to a community that offers personalized services and benefits.

So it is no wonder why membership sites are all the rage right now!

Membership sites are an excellent means to gain returning customers, but not if your membership site is poorly done and outdated.

You don't want a pitiful membership site - because you'll have no members…

Great user experience and fresh content are key to satisfying your members.

It's the way to get their vote!
This multi-niche guide will help you make your membership site the talk of the town - well actually the internet.

  • A guide for proven approaches to membership sites
  • Covers a variety of ideas for website optimization
  • Includes options for unique and engaging content
  • Offers ideas for multiple niches  

15 Ways To Express A Guarantee  

Most people are not willing to waste money - no matter how shiny the object!

They need to feel secure, knowing that their investment will pay off, even if the product or service fails to meet their expectations.

Giving your client a solid guarantee will cause them to feel secure enough to buy your product or service and trust your business overall.

It will give them a positive outlook on your business which will most likely cause them to consider your business again.

This guide is exactly what you need to do just that!

  • An extensive guide to expressing guarantees for products and services
  • A variety of options to choose from
  • Ensures you gain the trust of potential customers
  • Proven techniques that get results

15 Ways To Do A Call-To-Action

The point of any piece of marketing content is to get some sort of conversion - point-blank!

Creative content and pretty websites don’t matter if no one is buying your product or your message.

You need to have an inviting 'Call-To-Action' that will encourage your prospects to choose what your business has to offer. 

Our templates can help make that happen!

  • Effective techniques to encourage prospects to take action on your offer
  • Appeals to your potential client's needs
  • A wide variety of options
  • Proven to yield results

13 Email Templates

Email campaigns can take a lot of time and a lot of energy - trust me, I know!

And if your email seems spammy or is poorly written, it will all just be a massive waste. 

Most people aren’t even going to read it, and if they do, they usually won’t read the entire thing. And in the slight chance, they read the entire email, your email will just leave a bad taste in their mouth - and you definitely don't want that!

Something as simple as an email can have a lasting impact, and with these templates, you are guaranteed stellar results!

  • A variety of email templates for specific scenarios
  • Helpful in catching the reader's attention
  • Assists to avoid sounding spammy
  • Helps to keep the email content organized